A Fresh New Call For Your Day In a Sentence!

Welcome to this brand new blog. It seems fitting that when Bonnie asked me to guest host DIAS, I reflect a bit on how I would like to run it. That reflection and subsequent research took me back to a March 11, 2007 post where Kevin Hodgson was handed the baton so to speak from The Reflective Teacher and carried on the tradition of Day In a Sentence.

It was Kevin who introduced me to blogging and Twitter. The rest is history but what a strong beginning I enjoyed then, and his mentoring and support continue to this day. Now, 3 years later, I find the opportunity to begin again with this new blog. The fact that Kevin recommended I try a separate blog for my reflections on the process of educating young minds is worth mentioning as well. So here I go, a new blog, a new year, and a new role. I am pretty excited at the prospects.

So, let’s keep the idea of new beginnings rolling with this week’s Day In a Sentence. Boil your thinking down to a sentence if possible (although we know many folks just can’t do that =O) You might like to submit an offering that reflects your thoughts on the New Year, any resolutions you might be mulling over, or any other areas of your practice you have Hopes and Dreams for that feel new.

Many thanks to Bonnie for giving me this opportunity. You might even like to try hosting a week yourself!



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15 responses to “A Fresh New Call For Your Day In a Sentence!

  1. How exciting, a fresh new year is coming for all of the DIAS community and families, the NWP and my friends and family. Did I cover everyone?

    • Fresh and crisp, green and lively, not just a salad but a recipe for success and happiness in the new year. What will this new year bring to the folks at NWP across the country?

  2. I’m heading into the New Year looking forward to continued connections with f2f and online friends and organizations – and hoping for peace and prosperity across the nation and world.

  3. My hopes and dreams are wound up in a countdown – 5 weeks until my baby boy is due!

  4. Jon

    A better listener, a better giver, a better learner – in other words; a better husband, a better dad, and a better teacher.

  5. My Sentence:

    It occurs to me that just about every single New Year begins with such optimism and hopefulness for the months ahead that I just wish that every day were a New Year’s Day because, then, nothing would fizzle under the weight of reality.


  6. The next few months, in 2011, will showcase what my students will be using for skills as life long learners.

  7. Wellness is at the top of my hopes and dreams list this new year so my sentence reads,
    To find that elusive balance between work, family, community, and self so that I can look and feel my very best while sharing my gifts.

  8. Congratulations on the new space! In 2011, I hope to improve the difficult disciplines of patience and consistency.

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