DIAS Released

Thanks to everyone who took the time to relay their submission to this week’s Day In a Sentence. Now we can work to realize some of these Hopes and Dreams.

Bonnie is looking forward to a new year. Isn’t it wonderful what a fresh new year and a positive frame of mind with which to greet it can carry out?

How exciting, a fresh new year is coming for all the DIAS community and families, the NWP and my friends and family. Did I cover everyone?

Gail Desler has a positive outlook and that’s a recipe for success.

I’m heading into the New Year looking forward to continued connections with f2f and online friends and organizations – and hoping for peace and prosperity across the nation and world.

Tracy Rosen is looking forward to expanding her own network in a very personal way. I also  like Kevin’s comment about sending some Baby In a Sentence thoughts her way. Here’s Tracy’s comment.

My hopes and dreams are wound up in a countdown – 5 weeks until my baby boy is due!

Jon Fines is a Montana kindergarten teacher from my PLN and he responded to a #kinderchat tweet I sent out. Great to see him here.

A better listener, a better giver, a better learner – in other words; a better husband, a better dad, and a better teacher.

Kevin has shared some interesting online projects during the school break while enjoying family time, reading, and reflecting. His sentence is grounded in reality while still being hopeful.

It occurs to me that just about every single New Year begins with such optimism and hopefulness for the months ahead that I just wish that every day were a New Year’s Day because, then, nothing would fizzle under the weight of reality.

Cheryl is focused on continuing the progress of her students, all the while keeping her eye on the bigger picture.

The next few months, in 2011, will showcase what my students will be using for skills as life long learners.

Amanda has some great ideas for improving her practice. Wish that patience part would hurry up and get here =o

In 2011, I hope to improve the difficult disciplines of patience and consistency.

Wellness is at the top of my hopes and dreams list this new year so my sentence reads,

To find that elusive balance between work, family, community, and self so that I can look and feel my very best while sharing my gifts.

It took some doing and lots of exploration to find a tool for the word cloud above. Embedding is not always an easy option with free blog platforms.  I was looking for something a bit fancier than the free version of Wordle and tried for hours, finally giving up and going to bed. Then overnight, the fairies came and planted this WordItOut word cloud, one I had tried to embed without success the night before. Hmm. Once again, perseverance pays off, I guess. That will be a good lesson to carry along through 2011.

Happy New Year to everyone! May all your Hopes and Dreams come true!



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3 responses to “DIAS Released

  1. What a great look for 2011 Gail. I can’t wait to be back here for your next hosting 🙂

    • Thanks Bonnie. It was yet another learning experience. I will definitely do this again in the future and recommend hosting to others who may have toyed with the idea.

  2. Thanks great Gail,
    I just invited DAIS writers to shared here.

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