Writing In Kindergarten

I want to focus on reflections with this blog so the posts will appear intermittently at best. I am really dedicated to maintaining Mrs. Poulin’s Blog because that is an important tool for communicating with parents.

From time to time, I have something parents won’t be so interested in, won’t really relate to, so After Some Reflection takes on that post. I hope to develop a following of teachers to discuss the posts and even guest post. If that sounds like something you are interested in reading, then please do subscribe.

This week, I wrote a couple of posts on my other blog that explains our ongoing writing work in kindergarten. Since the topic is of interest to other teachers, I share parts of those posts here.

(I’m using the “Paragraph” font this time as a comparison. Hope it’s legible to you. My old eyes prefer something bigger.)

For the next month, we will be using the Work Board block of time for small group Writer’s Workshop and creating their own individual stories. It is incredibly difficult but after this month, the children should be more comfortable with the process and everyone should feel supported in their own work. Joanie may not be writing any words in her book as the teacher will still be building the letter sound connection. The teacher will use the pencil to get the story ideas down entirely.  Alex may be able to write the initial sounds with prompting and coaching so he will use the pencil some of the time.  Jerry may have a bank of known words and a strong letter sound foundation. He will still need coaching in the process. All levels will work together while getting individual assistance, and while listening to me teach skills to the others. Here is a video from last year, taken in the late spring, that shows us on the road to where we are going.

I need to remember that it will not look anything like this for months! At the same time, I have high expectations for most of the students to excel. They are showing me their best effort every day and are proud of themselves. As

Oprah says, That is So Cool!



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2 responses to “Writing In Kindergarten

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your classroom is a obviously a fun and vibrant place. The clip was extremely useful and enlightening. Thank you.

    • Thank you Michael. There is some serious learning going on but it isn’t always evident in the day to day work we do. When a passionate teacher meets a passionate learner there’s no holding back. Keeping that learning energy going is vital to instilling life long learning attitudes.

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