Putting It Into 4 Wheel Drive!

This is one of those weeks. You know, the kind where you think you are working your plan and suddenly you realize you are way behind. It’s only Wednesday but the rest of the week will be a push!

It started when my peers in kindergarten told me that the 100th day of school was not on Monday of next week as I had thought, but Thursday of this week. 100th Day is a big deal in kindergarten where children are just learning the significance of big numbers. We usually have a day dedicated to exploring counting and grouping to make 100. We also do art projects and have party snacks.

When I thought I had the cushion of days, I was happy. Not only would we be able to combine Valentines party activities on Monday with 100th Day activities, but we would not need to take the kids out of our precious routines twice.

Fine, it’s still doable. Then on Tuesday morning, there was a 2 hour delay. That meant more changes and the students were really put through their paces as we pressed on to finish our Work Board jobs as well as start 100th Day prep. We are taking a couple of days to cover 100th Day as it can be overwhelming in just one day.

I sent an email off to parents telling them a bit about 100th Day and asking them to help the children collect 100 things to bring in for our counting practice on that day. And I am eliminating the party piece of the day. The kids will never know what they are missing and the day can still be festive.

I feel uncomfortable pushing parents into more scrambling themselves as they all work and take care of their families. Having nearly last minute “homework” like this can be a chore for busy parents. If it’s too hard for them, they can opt out. Several kids routinely don’t have their collection of 100 things and who really wants to count to 100 sixteen more times?

Oh, did I mention that Thursday is always a busy day already as we use the laptops from 8:40-10, move on to recess, and then complete Work Board assignments all while getting into and out of our snow clothes?!

I will accelerate some of the Work Board jobs today so that we can free up some time tomorrow. That means, I will meet with 2 of the 4 groups for Writers Workshop and have 2 groups listen to the story on tape at the same time, with the report after. Getting a poem in their journals is not as important and can be put off indefinitely and the math activities we are doing are pretty straight forward.

Just writing about this has helped create a cohesive plan in my mind for the rest of the week.  Blogging is fantastic for ruminating on things and coming to a better understanding. Thanks for “listening.”

What do you do when you get behind in class work? Are you inclined to carry work over to the next week? Omit the missing days entirely? Let the crumbs fall where they may and just start fresh the following week?

Where’s the nap time, arts & crafts, milk, and cookies that some folks think is kindergarten? And did someone just say that more snow is on it’s way?!!!


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