100 Day Fun!

Early childhood teachers know the excitement that surrounds the 100th day of school and our class had plenty of fun and excitement. We started the day on the Mac laptops, just as we do every Thursday. We explored Getty Games, ABCYa!, and finished up with Build Your Wild Self. All of these are fun for the kids and they have so many choices to make for creating their own experiences. I enjoy watching them work and play while providing tech support. Our parent volunteer and our para are extra hands as well.

We did at least 100 exercises. Along with the usual push-ups and crunches we did loads of jumping jacks. All children should do jumping jacks at the start of their day. The exercise really oxygenates the brain and is fantastic for getting ready to learn. Any exercises that call for coordination and crossing the midlines of the body will help the brain be more available for learning new things.

Then we moved on to their collections of 100 objects brought from home. They worked on displaying their items so they could prove they had 100. We had some cool results. Several kids made 10 rows of 10 – pennies or marbles. Others made 10 groups or piles of 10 – legos or bow tie pasta. Being accurate in representing data is important and trying to display 100 green army guys was quite a challenge for one student so he opted for the pile method. Another child had trouble displaying his collection of small books as he needed too much of the floor space. So we talked about how many 10’s are in 20 and then made overlapping rows with 20 in each.  We checked by counting each row as two of the 10 counts.

Next, we moved on to creating our 100 Day crowns. These came out just  beautifully. (As I write this, I realize how few pictures I am taking these days. The children have so much to say and do and share with me that I never get to record cool projects like this.) This project continued after lunch as the children were wonderfully creative in their design ideas.

As if they didn’t have enough fun, they spent their Specials time in Art, always a big hit. A quick snack and 20 minutes out in the cold and snow for recess took the edge off their energy and prepared them for a great Choice time.

My friend and mentor teacher Kevin recently completed some puppet shows with all four of his grade 6 classes. When they were finished, we got the puppets!! I set up a drape to act as a curtain and children lined up on both sides of it to create spur of the moment puppet shows. It was great! They expressed themselves in totally new ways. I like to see the growth in the children through the year. We have reached the place where they feel really comfortable with each other and want to take the reins. And their love for school is so heartfelt. One boy told me that he and another boy talked with each other and they never want to go to first grade because they love our class so much. Mrs. Piper and I feel the same way about them.

As for the puppet shows, well, tomorrow is Fun Friday so time with the puppets is in order as well as the Valentine Arts & Crafts projects.  I’ll really try to take some long overdue pictures. You’ll be able to find them over at Mrs. Poulin’s Blog.


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  1. That’s great. I completely missed that we were at 100 days! (Remember when we used to announce the days on morning announcements?).
    I’m glad the puppets were put to use.

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