A Fresh Look At Kindergarten

Gail Poulin and Maria Knee

A visit to Maria Knee’s kindergarten this week gave me plenty to ponder. I liked the flow of activity as the children moved gracefully from one block of learning to the next. Many of the practices are visible in my own classroom as well, including the Math Investigations activities.

Where this class and my own diverge is the abundant use of technology. Centered at the front of the room is an interactive white board for whole class as well as individual work activities throughout the day. There are 3 PCs as well as 4 net books for the students to use. Some children were engaged in a “tea party” with an iPad and 2 others were using iPod touches.

There were lots of adults in the room – an intern who is finishing up her unit of study, and 2 one-to-one paraprofessionals. There were also a number of others who came to work with the students throughout the day for both in class and out of class support services. It was a very busy place indeed.

Central to it all is Maria and her community of KinderKids. Together they make their own kind of magic. The children are confident learners who share their discoveries with others.

Now that I am back at home I’ve taken another look at the KinderKids Blog. I can readily name a number of the children in the videos and slide shows. I recall their personalities and the conversations we shared. I recognize their sliding hill and even the curtains in the room. Thanks Maria, for sharing your experience and teaching tools with me. I continue to learn a lot from you.


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  1. That sounds like a great and valuable visit, Gail. I love the “magic” you describe (and suggest you spin lots of magic yourself, along with your colleagues, down in kindergarten. I get to see the results, years later.)

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