Reflecting Can Get Us There

The end of the year is anything but routine!

With 14 more school days, we rush headlong into the final assessments, report cards, recognizing volunteers, retirement parties, hot humid weather inside the classroom as well as out, and a final clutch of duck eggs hatching.

The children feel the change coming and seek every opportunity to socialize with friends or connect with teachers. What’s missing is that critical reflecting time that keeps our personal and professional lives going and growing.

I am looking forward to a new classroom next year and just designing the layout is daunting enough on its own. I am also learning new tips and tools every day through my Google Reader and my Twitter PLN.

So with all the new info funneling in, I am creating a vision of what next year will be like. I understand that this vision will change over and over this summer, so I need to establish some anchors in this plan – not even ready to do that yet.

Are you making any big changes next year?
What areas are you working on for professional development?
How do you make a fresh start?



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2 responses to “Reflecting Can Get Us There

  1. Michele

    We had to pack up everything because our building is getting a new roof, so I too will be planning for redecorating and moving things around my classroom for next year. I’ve found some great free PL opportunities via my PLN for the summer. It’s probably a sickness that the kids have only been gone 2 days and. we’re already thinking about what WE can learn this summer and what we can do differently next year. đŸ™‚ PS- LOVE the baby ducks!!

  2. Hi
    I found you on Twitter.
    I teach Y5’s in Michigan and have also taught K + run a teacher website that I think you’ll enjoy
    My Blog is
    I enjoyed yours. Thanks for sharing!
    We’re out the 10th.
    Happy Summer!

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