My Top 5 Gurus

This morning’s reading included the NWP Daily and a post from Three Teachers Talk . The link brings you to a cool reflection by Molly, @finchesrule where she writes, “These people, places, and collections of great knowledge have made me a better teacher.”

Well that post got my own reflective juices flowing and I thought I would work on a post of my own as well. It’s interesting to note that 2 of the 5 are not active in the tech world so they’ll probably never read this post. Here they are – my own top 5 gurus!

#1 Patti Kennedy is a tremendous teacher who gave me my first job. We worked together in a 3 teacher pre-school classroom for 14 years while my kids were growing up. She showed me how a great teacher operates, with children, with parents, with outsiders, and with the community. I struggle with being tactful and this woman showed me the ideal. She also has an amazing sense of humor and is a real class act! She retired long before the advent of blogs and the internet reached into classrooms but if she blogged – she would be in my Reader for sure.

#2 Kevin Hodgson, aka @dogtrax, brought me firmly into the world of blogging, Twitter, and the concept behind building a strong PLN. I am still amazed that this tremendous teacher works just down the hall from me. Many years ago, during one of the first K12 Online Conferences, I happened upon Kevin in my reading. Thinking I was alone in the online world of education, I quickly realized the resource I had at hand. Kevin continues to teach me through his daily posts from his primary blog Kevin’s Meandering Mind.

#3 Twitter I realize now that I am listing these in the order they entered my teaching life. Twitter is a real fount of tremendous value. I visit links shared by others and then venture off to new areas for study, reflection, and entertainment. Twitter has brought me to tons of great reading, #kinderchat, Dailies, TED Talks, and a multitude of useful apps.

#4 Cindy Diemand is the Literacy coach at our school. She is an expert at all things related to literacy instruction. Our school is closely following the Fountas & Pinnell curriculum and this year we will have Cindy back as our literacy coach. I have already participated in hundreds of hours in training in the F&P methods.  Cindy will be providing more in-depth instruction and classroom observations for all of our staff. She is always supportive of us as learners and reminds us that it takes a lifetime to develop ourselves as teachers.

#5  The Edublogger and more specifically Sue Waters, have given me the tools I need for reflection and sharing through blogging. It took many months before I felt I knew what I was doing with this blogging thing. The tools are many and I continue to learn more all the time. I keep The Edublogger in my Google Reader, Twitter, and FB accounts so I never miss the latest tips.

  • Who has influenced your practice the most?
  • Where do you go when you are looking to learn and grow as a teacher?

Why not share a post of your own and please leave a comment with Three Teachers Talk who started this ball rolling.

Reflection in blogging is a marvelous practice.



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3 responses to “My Top 5 Gurus

  1. Thank you so much for replying, pinging, and helping us get the conversation started, Gail. I share some of yours – it’s hard to pick 5! We have just been working out a lot of kinks on our blog, and I finally figured out how to change my user name to my own name, Molly. Nice to meet you and exchange with you. Keep the guru conversation going. I’m about to tweet your blog out – well done! We’re all in this together.

    • Thanks for your gracious reply and thanks for starting the conversation. I like reflections such as this one. It helps keep me on track and moving forward when I can look back and think about an earlier part of my journey.

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