We Need Africa!

Anyone with Clustrmaps can see that the continent is just not engaged in the collaborative conversations we are having. There are millions of people on this large continent. Where are the little dots that spread across our maps almost everywhere but Africa?

The graphic representation of Clustrmaps really brings the message home. The only dots visible on the continent of Africa are along the coast. When we talk about how far we have come over the last few decades in terms of outreach and technology, we forget that there are people, especially children, who don’t get an education, people who don’t have access to technology.

Looking at the big picture, we can readily understand that there are some fundamental needs at the head of the line for our attention, things like food, clean water, health care, and safety. Some world organizations are helping.

One of my favorites is Ryan’s Well Foundation. (Supported in my sidebar) It was started by a young boy, now a college student, who wanted to take action to help some needy folks on the other side of the world.)

In this ever-changing world, we just can’t allow the gap to grow exponentially, year after year.

We are educators.
What can we do?
How can we help level the playing field and get these folks living, learning, and growing  alongside us?

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