New Class – New Ideas!

When September rolls around, teachers wonder what the new crop of students will look like.  How will they interact with you, with each other.  There is no way to tell.

Parents, and students whom I had years ago, will often ask if I am doing a certain project again this year.  They remember it fondly and so do I.  The thing is, a classroom has a dynamic of it’s own and the flow of activities and projects often respond to that.  I like to think that’s what a good teacher does.

After a few weeks together, a class personality starts to take form.  Now that we have reached the 3 month mark, we can really see the dynamic and personality of our group.

This year’s kindergarten class is really warming my heart.  We have quite a range of learners and skill levels.  We have limited English proficient students and others with different language challenges.  We have the over the top energized kid and his great big smile stirring up the rest of the pack.  Best of all, we have the energy that comes from an eager group of learners.  “Come on Mrs. Poulin – Bring It!!” seems to be their call.

Yep, I DO like my job this year. It is challenging and rewarding.


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