How Do You Organize the Many Sites With Attention To Skill Practice?


    I have a ton of sites for my whole KINDERGARTEN class to use during our weekly block on the school’s laptops. What I don’t have is a clear and organized way of using them on a case by case basis.  I teach the site logistics and then the class explores the site.  There’s a new site every week, often more than one site.  We also go back to familiar sites once we have a good bank of them.   Everyone benefits by the group work.

Now we are moving into RTI with 4 kindergarten classes combining the children into many new and changing groups.  Everyone will either receive intervention or enrichment.  I am planning to use technology for both purposes and with different groups throughout the year, 4 days a week, and 30 minutes at a time.

What I have not done, is analyze the sites and organized them so they can quickly be called upon to meet a specific skill practice.  I don’t know how to do that organization apart from creating a spreadsheet, printing it out, and carrying it around with me.  That is the direction I will go unless I find a better tool.  My largest collection tool right now is Mrs. Poulin’s K on Symbaloo.

I would really like to be able to target the specific skill practice the sites allow and then quickly get the kids on those sites without a lot of my one-to-one help.  We always have too many fussy laptop issues pulling me away.  Of course, I will also need to change the activity quickly if it is too challenging or too easy.  And that means quick and on the spot assessments.

One site can have many, many activities.  Some kids will need low-level readiness work, others need letter ID, and still others need sight words and/or reading.  I would like to take what the student’s teacher has told me in the way of needed skill practice, and then plug the kid into the best tool for him, quickly and easily.

Do you know of any tool out there that can fit the bill of organizing website activities?


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